What is the application area of a flap wheel with a shaft?


A flap wheel with a shaft consists of the sanding paper with scale-shaped sanding grains which are made of brown corundum and resin and a shaft which is made of stainless steel. A flap wheel with a shaft can be a rubber core style flap disc for stainless steel which is applied all kinds of appearance treatment of metal or non-metal materials, especially suitable for sanding and polishing of those with an unsmooth appearance and those with side appearances. A flap wheel with a shaft can be a swiveled style sanding wheel for the drill which has a good performance in different methods of sanding in a more efficient and effective way.


sanding wheel for drill

So generally speaking, a flap wheel with a shaft can be applied in almost all of the areas and to all kinds of products, which has a wide-ranged usage.


Specifically speaking, a flap wheel with a shaft is a must-have grinding wheel dressing tool in the appearance treatment of metal and non-metal materials, with a multi-functional feature of being professional, safe, high-efficient and low-consumption, which can be used in household article, machinery, vehicle, boat, kitchenware, airplane manufacturing and so forth. During the whole process of these applications, a flap wheel with a shaft plays a very important role in getting rid of the burr, polishing, clearing off the painting, dealing with the rust problems, sanding the weld joint and so on. And in the industrial production, a flap wheel with a shaft is mainly used to sand and polish the industrial creatures, so ranged from the giant products such as stainless steel vehicle, hardware, heavy machinery and so on, to the accessories business such as jade, shoes and so forth, you can even name an area which does not apply it with a shaft at all. All in all, a flap wheel with a shaft is a must-have in industrial production.


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