Flap wheel is a simple call for lots of similar products, there are many flap wheel suppliers of flap wheel , including flat flap wheel, emery cloth wheel, flap disc, chuck flap wheel, flap wheel with shank, flower flap wheel, vertical flap wheel etc.
1.flat flap wheel.jpg
Among them, different products has different usages and features.
1.Flap wheel with shank
It is made by scale-shaped sanding cloth hanging on a soft steel rod with some resin bonded brown corundum. It is widely used for most products . According 
materials, there are rubber core flap wheel with shank and flap wheel with 
detachable shank.
2.rubber core flap wheel with shank
(A).Rubber core flap wheel with shank 
It is used for grinding and highly processing for complex surface of metal , nonmetal and deep holes, especially for the uneven surface and sides.
3.flap wheel with detchable shank
(B).Flap wheel with detachable shank 
Main features : good flexibility , good strength of extension and bending resistance, good grinding performance and high efficiency. 
4.Santu 45-page flap disc
2.Flower flap wheel
Main features : low noise, it could obtain permanent surface finishing effect on the lifetime.Especially, the finishing effect of surface is excellent when cold grinding.
5.Santu vertical flap disc
3. Vertical flap wheel
It is a abrasive product made of resin bonded, suitable for polishing and grinding of nonferrous metals and wood.