Do You Know How to Get Started With The Right Flap Disc?


No matter what kind of flap disc it is, there are always some basic rules when getting started to use it. SINTA ABRASIVES, as one of the abrasive flap wheel suppliers in China, dedicating to abrasive discs for angle grinder for decades, today would like to share with you about the steps of using the right flap disc.


First of all, test the flap wheel of the flap wheel manufacturing machines to see whether there is any deformation, or whether it is being loosen up or being in any humid surroundings. If any of them, replace the flap disc at once.

abrasive flap wheel suppliers


Second of all, when installing the flap wheel sanding machine, and knocking on the flap disc is forbidden, it is better to keep it in a situation not being too tight nor being too loose. What’s more, setting a protection cover around the flap wheel machine is highly recommended. After installing the flap wheel manufacturing machines, turn it around in a large space for one minute in order to get a smooth performance in the future use.


Third of all, when operating a flap disc machine, wearing the glasses, the mask and the glove is very necessary, and it’s even better to put on an apron. When sanding and polishing, keep an angle of 15-30 degree between the flap wheel and the workpiece, crashing and over strength between them is not acceptable, so sand and polish the workpiece in a proper power of strength to keep it in good condition. Plus, the maximum swiveling speed is not just a number, do not speed up over it.


The last but not the least, keeping the flap wheel sanding machine in the ventilated and dry area. If possible, it’s better to keep it indoor in case of any incidence, in an indoor situation, it is usually organized, so the operators can only focus on the operating. If you have to place it outdoor, choosing an area without too much noise.


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