Is the best way to sharpen a knife with an oilstone?


SINTA ABRASIVES, as one of the grinding stone manufacturer in China, specialized in stone grinding tools for decades, one of the best grinding stone wheel manufacturers who knows how to use a sharpening stone in the best way, today would like to share with you why an oil stone is the best way to sharpen the knife.

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First of all, because of the grinding material

Grinding material is a key factor in defining a sharpening stone for the bench grinder, which directly has an influence on the quality of the appearance and the efficiency. The grinding material mainly includes white corundum, brown corundum and so on, in these recent years, man-made diamond is also included. For the chisel sharpening stone made of corundum, it can be used to the metal with a strong hardness, definitely including the knife. For the kitchen knife sharpening stone made of diamond stone, it is suitable for the metal with a strong ability in grinding, so rest assured to sharpen your knife.

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Second of all, because of the fineness

The fineness of a fine grinding stone also plays a very important role in the appearance performance. As usual, if the fineness is under the condition of allowance, the thicker the fineness is, the much better the kitchen knife sharpening stone is, the even better to sharpen the knife surely.

Third of all, because of the hardness

In the common condition, it is better to keep the hardness of the wet stone wheel knife sharpener lower to maintain a better sharpness. In this way, the knife can be sharpened efficiently and effectively while the stone for grinding itself also can be in good condition for a much longer time.

The last but not the least, because of the anchoring agent

As for the anchoring agent of a kitchen knife sharpening stone, as one of the grinding stone wheel manufacturers in China, we sincerely choose an eco-friendly one to keep yourself in health.


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