Since last year, the increasing of raw material in coating abrasives,flap wheel manufacturer energy, labor cost and environmental protection measures brings great troubles to the industry. The chambers of commerce coating abrasives gathered 13 domestic manufacturing enterprises, held a meeting in Zhengzhou city, analyzed situations, researched on countermeasures.  
At the meeting, Secretary General Mingyuan Wang summarized three main questions, which the coating abrasives manufacturing enterprises are faced. 
One is the substantial increase of raw material, supporting material, labor cost and logistics cost. 
Two is the impact for enterprises from the strict environmental protection measures of government, to lead most enterprises including materials companies suspend production or limit production .
Three is structural overcapacity in manufacturing , resulting the excessive competition is serious. 
Over all , these factors led to the coating abrasives enterprises facing unprecedented pressures .
As per these price-rising factors, the big emery cloth roll is increasing greatly , most enterprises are still in trouble. The meeting agreed that along with the country to air pollution treatment and environmental protection enlargement , the increases of the production costs in coating abrasives industry is an inevitable trend. The protection of the environment is an obligation of the enterprises , making profitable product is the essential requirement of the enterprises.
After more than a year has passed, the problems have not been resolved availably , especially price increasing, most enterprises are still in trouble.
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