With the development of economy, sanding belt is more and more widely used. The storage of sanding belt is very important. Let cutting disc factory learn more about the storage skill of sanding belt.Storage of emery belt is sensitive to temperature and humidity. It will be out of  shape if humidity is too high or too low. Especially it will be badly affected by higher humidity.
Except waterproof sanding belt, the common sanding belts will be very likely to be bent or wrinkled with damp, leading to damage. Besides, when damp sanding belt is used for grinding, the grinding grain will be very likely to be attached on the surface of the belt, resulting in decreasing its service life.
Too high or too low temperatures may bring about great affect on sanding belt. It will make its paper-base become more brittle, so it may break during it is being used.Sanding belt should not be stored at the temperature and humidity 
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which varies too much.Its ideal temperature is 18-220 ℃, ideal humidity is 40-65%. If the temperature is too high,it will make binder aged,and reduce its service life.
Synthetic fiber sand belt (such as polyester sand belt) is sensitive to temperature , it cannot be stored at a cold warehouse.The storage skill of sanding belt is very important, we should learn it and put it into action.