Why soft grinding wheel is used for hard material?


The grinding wheel dressing tools consist of several types of categories, including the soft materials, the medium soft materials, the hard materials, and the superhard materials. And each category also consists of different grades. For the hard grinding wheel, it is not that easy to fall off from the grinding wheel cutting machine while the metal chips are easy to attach on the grinding disc to cause damage to the accessories. And the soft grinding wheel is easy to fall off from the grinding wheel cutting machine while it does no harm to the accessories with an even fast consumption.


grinding wheel

After knowing the difference between these two grinding wheels, for a further step, basically speaking, the soft grinding wheel does not mean the crystal grains are soft but mean the strength of the combination of them is soft, in other words, it is easy to fall off from the chisel sharpening machine. In this way, it can keep the workpiece staying being sharp all the time. For example, when the soft grinding wheel is not sharp enough after a long-time working, it will fell off, and the backup soft grinding wheel will replace it to continue to work. So no matter how hard the material is, after being on a continuous grinding process, it will get soften by that.


Well goes a very famous saying: soft words win hard hearts. Move away from the rock with water. If you use the hard grinding wheel to deal with the hard materials, it will come to an occasion of battling of the two hard materials, which will further cause a serious slipping problem between the grinding wheel and the materials.


So all in all, a soft grinding wheel is the best choice for the superhard materials while the hard grinding wheel is suitable for soft materials.


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